DD Ganguly

dd.ganguly [at] gmail [dot] com

DD has come to talk to our class about the organization he is a part of, iMerit, and how we can help solve social justice problems like the lack of technology in developing countries. In the future, he will be working with us so that members of the pathway can tutor students in India through video chatting.

Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy
Effective interactions

Dr. Kahwajy spoke to us about interpersonal interactions, and how to effectively tell others what you want in order to reach your goal. She helped us to engage with each other and interact through a series of activities, and ultimately allowed us to learn how to communicate better.

Ananya Das

As a docent at the Cantor Art Museum, Ananya gave us background information about Jacob Lawrence.s art before we visited the exhibit.

Amanda Leinhos

Amanda Leinhos talked to us about racially based microaggressions and their effects on the victims. Her presentation brought awareness to microaggressions, which aren't often noticed by bystanders or perpetrators.