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Social Justice Pathway Promotion Video
Who we are

SJP Cohort #1 is a dedicated group of thirty students led by Ms. Angell and Mr. Bloom. As the very first group of SJP students, we have been helping to design the program, giving input and suggestions as the pathway develops. Each of us is passionate about social justice, a passion that has been increased through our participation in the pathway. We have chosen to learn through projects, discussions, field trips, and guest speakers, instead of traditional methods. By taking charge of our own learning through self-motivation and organization, we have found that our levels of understanding and interest in the topics we study have flourished.

"Imagine that you are building an airplane, and all the parts that would go into it. Now imagine that the airplane is already in the air. That is the Social Justice Pathway." -Eric Bloom, Cohort #1 History Teacher


DD Ganguly

Ananya Das

Dr. Jeannie Kahwajy

Amanda Leinhos

Field Trips

Amnesty International at Stanford

Camp Unity

Watching Selma at Century Theaters

Ai Wei Wei Exhibit at Alcatraz

Martin Luther King Institute

Cantor Art Museum